Monsoon (uBurst+) Mutable Instruments Clouds Eurorack Synth Module (Off-White Textured Aluminum)

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Monsoon is a Mutable Instruments Clouds redesign that allows for CV and slide potentiometer control of all four effects parameters. LEDs on each slider serve as a visual indicator of each parameter's respective CV input. The module is 12 HP. This module is professionally built and extensively tested by an electronics engineer with over ten years of experience. The panel on this module is manufactured by Magpie Modular, makers of some of the highest quality panels in Eurorack. It is off-white aluminum with a beautiful textured finish. The off-white panel looks particularly nice in a rack that has many silver paneled modules. Includes factory Clouds/Monsoon firmware by default, but I can flash Parasite firmware by request. The Monsoon comes with a one-year warranty, and ships promptly with a Eurorack power cable and some bonus treats included.