Mutable Instruments Ripples v2 (Black Aluminum)

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Premium build of the newest version of Mutable Instruments Ripples. This module is professionally built in Chicago by an engineer with over ten years of circuit design and soldering experience.

Comes with a black aluminum Magpie Modular panel, manufactured in small batches in the US.

Ships promptly with a Eurorack power cable and some bonus treats.

We have a one-year warranty on all of our builds.

Ripples is a classic, big-sounding analog four-pole filter in a small 8-HP package. Over the years it has earned its reputation as a no-fuss, elegant choice.
Ripples has two input paths: one with a drive control, allowing the signal to be distorted (or providing enough gain for the processing of line-level signals), and the other totally transparent, preserving Ripples mkI’s clean-sounding character.
Three filter modes are available: high-pass, band-pass, and low-pass. The slope (2 or 4 poles) of the band-pass and low-pass outputs is switchable.
Self-oscillation is available for all modes and produces a clean sine-wave on the low-pass output. Unlike many classic 4-pole designs, this filter does not suffer from “loudness drop” when resonance is increased. The resonance loudness compensation circuit brings a slight tone coloration reminiscent of Japanese classics from the 80s, with a very round and liquid resonance.
The low-pass output goes through an internal VCA. This makes Ripples a good final stage module for an inexpensive, or space-constrained, subtractive synthesis synth voice.